EP 32 - Matt McGhee

Focused might be an understatement. Calm probably doesn't do him justice. If anything, ready might be the most accurate to describe the current position Matt McGhee occupies. In ep 31, Matt McGhee, an MC from Maryland sat down with us to talk about his upcoming project "Under New Management" what it represents and the events leading up to this point in his career. Like most of us who are just trying to figure out this thing called life, Matt opens up about being impatient and frustrated on the journey to success despite being talented and putting the work in. Things weren't all so serious though, we also pulled some receipts on him and asked him to explain a few tweets about being paid for shows, his webMD struggles, and shea butter love. Speaking of love he wants you to know that he's the spokesperson for finding love and he's not afraid of being open and vulnerable about that within his music. If there's one thing you should know about him is that "This [rap] shit is not sweet" and he's rapping like he has something to prove. Don't believe it? Listen to his story in episode 32.