EP 33 - The 1yr Anni Show

As I type this it's just past 12:30ET Wednesday morning and the one year anniversary episode is officially done.  I'm also a couple brews in which means I'm in pretty good headspace to reflect. From soundcloud removing shows to garageband being a hater and deleting audio, to microphone issues in the beginning, first and foremost I just want to say thank you to YOU the listeners for supporting FTCRadio during our first year. You gave the show a chance and stuck with us and it truly wouldn't have been what it is today without your support. So it goes without saying that in this episode Kyr and I talk take a look back over the past year and even peek into what FTCRadio may sound like in the near future. It's humbling as hell to record something in your apartment and have people tune in and listen every week. So cheers to you, cheers us and let's keep rocking for another year. Listen to 1 year anniversary episode here.

PS - If you look hard enough in the above graphic you might just see yourself! Shoutout to all the guests, listeners, and supporters who made this year possible!

PPS - Continue listening the show after this week's mix for bloopers from episode 1. #Yikes #ItsOkayYouCanLaugh. We all gotta start somewhere right?