EP 36 - Odd Mojo

In all honesty Odd Mojo is a refreshing breath of fresh air. She's an MC who truly cares about her lyrics and has a deep appreciation for the golden era of hip hop. Over the course of our interview with Mojo, she discusses why exactly '90s hip hop has had such an impact on her and specifically about her project entitled '94 which dropped last year.  She opens up and tells the story of how she left school and quit her job ultimately leading to the creation of her song, "Crazy". Mojo talks about striving to be an artist while at times experiencing pushback from her mother. In addition to the music we pulled up some receipts on her battles with writer's block and how writing poetry saved her, what her name, "Odd Mojo" really means to her and how to channel her mojo on and off the track as well as not being placed in a box when it comes to express her sexuality on a track. She's talented as hell and only getting better so tune in now to her story as well as the rest of her plans for 2017 #MojoMonday

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