EP 37 - Meche Korrect

When you talk about stage presence who do you think of first? Maybe Beyonce, maybe your favorite artist. By the end of this interview and if you have a chance to see her live you might think of the name Meche Korrect. Meche Korrect, A singer, songwriter and all around center of attention is who we interviewed this week on @FTCRadio. I had a chance to see her perform live at Glow End Theory #4 late last March and not only did she have the crowd laughing and vibing then, but she's able to carry that same energy in a more personal room as well. throughout the interviewed we talked about her time Ghana, and her Ghana baes, her body positivity posts on IG, her principles while creating as well as her baby aka her upcoming project entitled "Cyber Thrill". She kept us laughing and more importantly thinking. So without further adieu let's get into episode 37 w/ Meche Korrect. For the culture radio.