EP 39 - Not.Alone

I'm someone who believes that in many cases, less is actually more. I mean let's face it, we're living in the overload of information age and you have to get your point across in less time than ever nowadays. And if you'd ask my guests from this week they'd probably agree with me. This week on the show I spoke with the upcoming super group Not.Alone comprised of Nomad the Native, Marc Armour, and Data who unfortunately couldn't be present for the interview. 

The group is coming off of the release for their first EP entitled "Black as the Ace of Spades".  We talked about all 3 songs, "Black Don't Crack, UNAPOLOGETIC, and Cicada, based on the Clint Smith poem. Their project encompasses many themes of the black experience and we talked about the moment they both realized they they were black, the power of collaboration, what their name, not.alone actually represents, and why a short, but sweet and flawlessly executed 3 track EP was the perfect introduction of not.alone in world of constant information overload. So without further adieu, I'll let you hear them tell their story in their own words. Episode 39. For the culture radio w/ not.alone