EP 41 - Mike of Doom

Mike of Doom. He's been making a name for himself for a while now and he recently put out perhaps his most personal project yet with MICHAEL which dropped earlier this spring. I was really excited to speak with him about the transition from making darker more gritty music crank music to a more upbeat positive light sounding project on MICHAEL. He talked about that transition and challenges he went through to get to the point of making this personal project and even feeling empty and unhappy listening to his older music and getting past w/e personal demons he was experiencing sleeping on floor of the whop house and the importance of his mother. Just speaking to him you can tell he's in a good place mentally as he talks about the collective 30 Whop and as he thinks about his next moves. So without me spoiling too much. I present to you Episode 41. Mike of Doom. For the culture radio.