EP 43 - Niq Bohr

This week on the show we chopped it up w/ fellow podcaster Niq Bohr (Pronounced Nick. My bad) of the Niq Bohr Show w/ Niq and Nari. He represents Virginia...hard and we covered a lot in this episode including his feelings about the DMV sometimes leaving out the V (Shoutout Rico Nasty).. He's a fellow Podcaster and we talked about some of the challenges we face to maintain a successful and consistent podcast.  Now if you're familiar w/ his podcast you know that Niq is good for a good rant or two so we got him to talk about a classic rant of his regarding the Good Vibes Festival in Virginia that was cancelled earlier this year.  Not only does he podcast but he manages 8 artists and a DJ so he's clearly a busy guy. At the end of the episode we asked him to give us 5 songs he would provide someone if he was introducing someone to hip hop. So without further adieu, episode 43 w/ Niq Bohr.