EP 44 - Beau Young Prince

This week on the show we interviewed the groovy god himself @BeauYoungPrince. At this point in his career you can definitely consider him a Young OG. He's performed at SXSW several times opened up for Wale, Cam'ron, Danny Brown, and a list of others. We talked to him as he was fresh off the release of his latest EP entitled Sunset Blvd. As the title suggests he was in sunny california while he recorded the album and he talked about the differences between the DC and LA music scene. In addition to being a solo artist he also is 1/2 of the group Young Futura and he talked about how he linked up with Futura and also sometimes the frustration of being somewhat overlooked despite putting up crazy number in terms of streams. He has a lot to say and is confident about his so without further adieu, episode 44 w/ Beau Young Prince.